How long is each term

Each term in Reera Language Academy spans from 5 to 6 weeks, and consists of 32 instructional hours.

What is the number of seats in the group classes?

Reera's classes are small-sized, with each class accommodating between 4 to 8 language learners. This ensures ample practice opportunities for each student.

How are the class fees structured?

To inquire about the course fees, please contact us via phone at +989966242940, on Telegram at @reeralanguageacademy, or visit our Instagram page @reera.ac.

Is it possible to change instructors?

At Reera, both group and private classes are consistently supported to ensure learners' satisfaction with the class, delivery, and effective instructor communication. If effective communication between a learner and an instructor is not established, instructor changes are possible for group classes after one term and for private classes after 3 sessions.

How is the end-of-course assessment conducted?

Group course assessments are learning-oriented and are conducted continuously and throughout the term. Additionally, a final assessment based on a final project will be conducted.

Can I register for a trial session?

No, enrollment in Reera's courses is not currently possible on a per-session basis.

What course materials are used at Reera Academy?

The primary source for adult general English courses is the 5th edition of the Headway series published by Oxford, taught across 6 levels. For teenage general English courses, the 3rd edition of the Solutions series from the same publisher is used, taught across 5 levels. The exam preparation courses draw from well-established sources such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Macmillan, tailored based on learners' needs.

How can I obtain the course materials?

The electronic version of course materials is made available on the Reera Language Academy's learning portal.

Do we need to install specific software for Reera Academy classes?

No, you only need a device (preferably a laptop) and a stable internet connection. After logging into Reera's learning portal via the website, you can join classes without the need to install any software.

Should I keep my camera on during classes?

Yes, to enhance interaction quality in classes, the learners' cameras should be on throughout the sessions. Otherwise, a learner will be considered absent.

Can classes be recorded?

Recording of academy classes is subject to written consent from all the learners of the class and the instructor.

Will a certificate be provided by the academy at the end of the course?

Upon request from learners, Reera Academy will issue a certificate of course completion.

What classes are available for young learners and teenagers?

Currently, Reera Academy does not offer young learner classes and focuses on adult and adolescent (13 to 17 years old) courses.